January 5, 2011

OT Evaluation (21 months)

People are always telling me they can't tell anything is wrong with Jayden or that is looks like he is doing great! Of course I am thrilled that Jayden doesn't stick out like a sore thumb... or so I think....

Today I received the results of his OT evaluation. I was particularly interested in the sensory profile - a 48 question evaluation I completed. According to the questionnaire, Jayden has low registration (he doesn't process stimulus well), he visually processes stimulus less than he should and he seeks oral stimulus more than typical kids. In most fine motor areas, Jayden scored at approximately 1.4 years. I had expected him to fall at around the 1.5 years of development so I wasn't too far off there. The hardest thing to read however was he still uses an inferior pincher grasp which is an 8 month skill (Jayden was 21 months at the time of the evaluation) - its hard to accept he is a year delayed!!

I'm thrilled to have moved to the new OT provider. I was getting complacent at Rady's and felt that I was being assured he was doing great. Now at the new facility, I recognize there is a lot more we can be working on and feel that I am picking up some new tricks to practice at home (which by the way, Jayden loves!!) I bought a cool table top to go on my favorite cube chair so we can practice our fine motor skills, check it out:

(This is not Jayden in the photo, btw) I love this setup (and so does Jayden! He asks to sit in his chair and have the tray put on!!) Having him "enclosed" helps us focus and it gives him a nice place to settle down while we work.

And in other news, Jayden has found a love for animated entertainment: tv (especially elmo and thomas the train), and my computer. As I type this he is sitting in my lap enjoying some animation on the screen. This morning he watched sesame street while we practiced our balance sitting on a ball.