May 8, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry I have been away for quite some time....  Having a new baby in the house makes blogging time scarce... 

On the Jayden front... we have come across a small bump in the road regarding therapies.  Our "new" OT which we began in December decided she would no longer be able to provide services in our area so we are forced to return to our previous provider which I have been less than pleased with.  Unfortunately, there are no other options for us.  I would love to switch to a PPO but I have heard they don't pay well for therapies.   Sigh..

Jayden is babbling up a storm. We have no idea what he is saying but it is cute none the less.  We are also trying to increase his signing.  We have been watching signing time videos almost daily - I can't stop singing the songs!!  I don't know how much Jayden is picking up but I now know the signs for several colors and activities!

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