July 8, 2011

Post Surgery

Jayden had his surgery yesterday. We removed his tonsils and part of his adenoid and placed ear tubes. The surgery went well and there were no complications. After the surgery the Dr. briefed us and told us Jayden had LOTS of icky fluid in his ears. His tonsils and adenoid were of normal size (so why did we do this surgery??!!) We had an excellent anesthesiologist who listened to our concerns and detailed a plan accordingly. We did not use any sedatives prior to the surgery and gave no narcotics afterwards. Jayden has only been getting tylenol. So far so good! He seemed a little less energetic today and much more "huggy" but other than that he is happy! I am enjoying all the extra cuddle time!

Last month we went to the PWS clinic in San Diego. It had been about a year since our last visit. We reviewed Jayden's weight and diet and looked at his GH dose. They want us to maintain Jayden's weight over the next year and not allow any weight gain. They suggested limiting his calories to 960. I'm not sure how I feel about this but I am trying to closely monitor his calories and weight for awhile to see where it is going.

Interesting note from this past week.... while at the hospital after Jayden's surgery, I was looking at the menu they had for the kids. They did a great job offering healthy options and labeled each menu item with a 0,1,2,3 to represent the number of carbs each item contained (1 unit = 15 carbs). An omelet or other egg dish was 0 (as to be expected)...cottage cheese and fruit? A 3!!!! It was equivalent to a grilled cheese sandwich! I was shocked! I give Jayden cottage cheese and fruit all the time - I didn't realize how many carbs I was feeding him!

Jayden is eating a few more things these days: sunflower seeds, walnuts, dried edamame, dried snap peas. Its nice to have a few more items to include in his diet. It allows me to rely less on cheese and fruit for his snacks.