June 18, 2012

Provigil - Day 4

We are giving Jayden 25mg of provigil daily. So far, we have noticed him having a lot of "good days". I haven't noticed anything outstandingly different but there have been small things that all add up.... 1. He seems generally more compliant. When you ask him to do something, he surprises me by following instructions. Is this all the time? NO!! But it is more often than usual. 2. He WANTS to communicate. He HAS to have your FULL attention. He is telling us stories, he is involving us in his circles. Is this new? NO, but the intensity is. 3. He is sleeping in... It has been over a year since Jayden has gone to sleep in his bed and stayed there until morning. Two days now he has slept in his own bed until 5:30. He is there now and I hope I can say tomorrow that he has stayed in his bed again!! Overall, I feel that he is simply having "good" days. He is easy going, overall happy and his meltdowns seem fewer and less intense. I hope to continue to see improvements. We will stay at 25mg for a few weeks before going to 50mg.

June 14, 2012


Today I gave Jayden his first dose of Provigil. Per Dr. Miller's instructions we gave him 25 mg in the morning. Not sure if its the meds or coincidence but Jayden had a great day today! His communication was animated and appropriate. He seemed controlled and purposeful in his play. Interestingly, he did not ask for snack or dinner!! I hope that is a trend that continues!

Thats all for today! More updates soon!