December 23, 2011

Teeth Grinding....progress

Jayden seems to grind his teeth less on days after he has gone to the park. THis past Tuesday, at OT, Jayden did a lot of proprioceptive work: swimming in balls while wearing a weighted vest, running up a ramp and jumping, swinging.... At the end of the session we gave him cold water and there was no grinding.

This afternoon Jayden went to the park. He is drinking his milk right now with much less grinding than usual. Although there is still a bit, it isn't after EVERY sip. Wish we could find that miracle activity that would stop it completely.

December 17, 2011


Jayden started grinding his teeth as soon as they broke through -- so basically he has ALWAYS ground his teeth. Lately, however, it has become HORRIBLE. The majority of the grinding occurs when he is drinking.... from a cup, straw, whatever. Sometimes he grinds while eating but this is infrequent. I have asked all his therapists about the grinding and they are all in agreement that it must be a need for proprioceptive input. No one, however, has been able to prescribe a regimen to reduce/eliminate the grinding.

The grinding is like fingernails on a chalkboard - it makes you hair prickle... There are times when I have to take his drink away it bothers me so much!

This afternoon, after a particularly busy day of going to the park, running around at the horse barn and going to the park a second time, Jayden drank for the first time in FOREVER without grinding his teeth! I was in heaven, and praising repeatedly!!! Tomorrow I plan to implement a little experiment. In the morning, I want to see if the grinding is back. If so, I plan to take him to the park and see if that helps. Should be interesting!

Stay tuned.

December 7, 2011

I know its been a long time.... here is a quick update!

Ok, So life is crazy.... I never blog. I am SOOOO sorry. Here is a quick update. We went to our annual check in at UC Irvine. Jayden participates in the natural history study there. Dr Gold kindly mentioned he does not present many of the physical traits of PWS, although he does have a few. I guess that is a compliment??

Anyway... the highlight of the visit for me was checking in on Jayden's growth. He is 37.35 inches tall and 33 pounds. This puts him at the 75% for weight for height and between the 50th and 75th percentiles for weight AND height. This is a bit heavier than the PWS specialists want their kids BUT I think it is good for Jayden. He has stayed on the same growth curve for the past 2 years which is what is most important - he hasn't had any huge unexplained jumps in weight. His weight has increased proportionately to his height. YAY!

We are still working on getting him to eat more vegetables. He is now eating carrots which was a huge achievement! He will now eat carrots, tomatoes, avocado, dried snap peas and dried green beans. Of course he continues to LOVE all fruits and nuts. We have really cut back on dairy. He rarely gets any cheese and we give him coconut milk or almond milk instead of dairy beverages. The only dairy he gets regularly is his yogurt for breakfast and dinner - since we add his supplements to yogurt, this works nicely for us.

We have really been focusing on Jayden's speech. He has a half hour on Mondays, a combined speech/OT on Tuesdays and a REALLY GOOD 1 hour session at Innovative Therapy for Kids on Thursday. He is beginning to sing along with songs (if you listen VERY closely you can hear him saying some of the words). He is attempting many more sounds but often needs encouragement to use the appropriate sounds for words.

We are starting to potty train. He is sometimes reluctant to sit on the potty but we have been reinforcing his attempts with music from the WIGGLES (which he loves!) and he will often be successful. I'm hoping to report daytime training is complete sometime soon in the new year!