December 17, 2011


Jayden started grinding his teeth as soon as they broke through -- so basically he has ALWAYS ground his teeth. Lately, however, it has become HORRIBLE. The majority of the grinding occurs when he is drinking.... from a cup, straw, whatever. Sometimes he grinds while eating but this is infrequent. I have asked all his therapists about the grinding and they are all in agreement that it must be a need for proprioceptive input. No one, however, has been able to prescribe a regimen to reduce/eliminate the grinding.

The grinding is like fingernails on a chalkboard - it makes you hair prickle... There are times when I have to take his drink away it bothers me so much!

This afternoon, after a particularly busy day of going to the park, running around at the horse barn and going to the park a second time, Jayden drank for the first time in FOREVER without grinding his teeth! I was in heaven, and praising repeatedly!!! Tomorrow I plan to implement a little experiment. In the morning, I want to see if the grinding is back. If so, I plan to take him to the park and see if that helps. Should be interesting!

Stay tuned.

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