December 10, 2012


A few weeks ago we had a scare.... Jayden had an x-ray to check for scoliosis and the results showed a 14 degree curve. We were devastated! We quickly set up an appointment to meet with an Orthopedist. When we arrived for our visit, we did not have access to the original x-rays so we took a second set. These showed NO curve. Apparently you can get a false positive with poor posture but you cannot get a false negative. So we are in the clear.... for now! Lesson #1: Have your x-rays done with the specialist! Thinking Jayden had scoliosis, we quickly made some changes which we are continuing with the hopes that we will prevent a curve. Jayden is now horseback riding twice a week. Dr. Van Bosse stressed that horseback riding is a great activity which should help keep curves from progressing, or at least slow their progression. We also purchased a used core trainer which Jayden uses here and there which should help him strengthen his core. Wednesday we will be trying a demo theratog to see if he will tolerate it. The thought is that it will provide constant input that would help him activate his muscles and improve his core. I am very interested to see the results!

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  1. It's so crazy to think that the results can be *that* different depending on who does the x-ray! Glad that it was just a false alarm, though.

    Good luck with the theratogs! We used those for Dean for a while and I was happy with the results.